CURRY GardeNn (yes with a double n) has been reviewed as one of the best Indian restaurants in Singapore. We strive to bring you the very authentic and tasty delicacies from the Indian subcontinent. We provide a classic combination of indisputable food taste, unique experience and tradition that holds worldwide recognition. We offer a sophisticated dinning experience with charming staff & tantalizing tasting buds. In order to create a healthier and lighter meal, we have modified traditional Indian recipes to eliminate excess fat, cholesterol and calories without sacrificing the taste and flavour. Did you watch those mouth watering delicacies. Yeah, they were prepared right in our kitchen with love that is to expose the real taste that is in India. Enjoy Indian authentic food with your loved ones at the best Indian restaurant in Singapore.

Chef's Recommendation

  • Chicken Do Aba
  • Price:$16.00
  • Two flavour chicken with cheese toppings.
  • Fish Head Currry
  • Price:$28.00
  • Speciality with Curry Gardenn full fish head (Angoli) fish.
  • Mutton Rara
  • Price:$28.00
  • Speciality with Curry Gardenn full fish head (Angoli) fish.

Featured Drinks/Wine


The Old Fashioned is a classic whiskey cocktail that has been seerved since around 1880 at the Pendennis Club in Louisville Kentucky, and is (disputably) the first drink referred to as a cocktail. It is the perfect ideal of what a cocktail should contain: spirit, a sweet, a bitter, a sour, and water.

S.A Cabernet Sauvignon

Brilliant deep ruby red colours with aromas of ripe fruit and spices. Good structure with round tannins.Goes well with meat.

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